Name and surname: Mohammad Reza Pirbdaghi
Father’s name: Shamsullah

17 JUN, 198217 JUN, 1982 Year and place of birth: Tehran 3/27/1361-
Education: Doctorate in Mining
Work Experience: Managing Director of Sang Pirsam Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aftab Iron Ore Company Music Record: Learning classical piano since 1996 by Professor Rahmat Vatandoost and keyboard with Professor Sarang and starting singing in 1397 and publishing 6 authorized tracks , The sound of rain, again, charming beauty, miracle and solitude
Job history: since 1378 with the export of construction stones and minerals to China due to graduation from the university with the relevant field of exploration, extraction and exploitation of iron ore mines since 1385 until now
In order to prevent the sale of raw minerals, the construction of iron ore concentrate unit to create added value and feed the Iranian steel units, as well as the expansion and export of value-added minerals is more.
Due to the great effort, the following honors have been achieved during this period:

  • Discovered a provincial sample in 2012
  • The best national mineral plan of the country in 1397
  • Provincial Mining Industrial Unit 1398